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Found 1 result

  1. Hello. I am aware that there is a lot of topics concerning SAS working in tandem with other protection software (specifically Malwarebytes for this instance). Moreso, this topic, on the surface, may seem very similar to multiple others and you might have the impulse to scold me and/or say something along the lines as "…if you just searched…" or "…if you just used the search function…". I plead and pray that you don't immediately dismiss this one due to the numerous and difficult/tedious examples littered throughout the forum; and I assert that this is an inquiry seeking information that has not necessarily been asked for before. I will attempt to keep this inquiry as simple and straightforward as I can. As I use Malwarebytes Premium, its "Web Protection" real-time protection is blocking both SAS database update as well as the website and forum itself. Of course, I have made an exclusion to "SUPERANTISPYWARE.EXE" and " SSUpdate64.exe" and "SASCore64.exe". At this point, both programs I run – Malwarebytes and ESET Internet Security (please no un-needed comments on me running too much and/or "overkill") – would still block SAS. I used a program called Wireshark Network Analyzer to attempt to see what the program SAS was attempting to connect to (or more specifically IP Address and/or domain name) so I can make sure the path isn't blocked. I was successfully able to have ESET stop blocking SAS by inputting IP addresses:,,,, & . Apparently one or more of the combination of those IP address was the IP address my SAS was connecting to to update. Unfortunately, as I input the same IP addresses into Malwarebytes for exclusion, I am not able to get the updater or website to connect without switching "Web Protection" off. FYI, in addition, I have entered "cdn.superantispyware.com", "www.superantispyware.com", "superantispyware.com", "forums.superantispyware.com", as well as excluding both the actual folders of SAS in ProgramData folder and in its AppData\Roaming folder and the application web processes of previously mentioned executables. On the Malwarebytes side, I have done complete uninstallations and re-installations, use of "mb-clean" and "mbam-clean", removed all Malwarebytes folders, and even deleted all "Malwarebytes" registry keys (no values or data, strictly keys) – if in case you are thinking it could be a conflict within the Malwarebytes program/settings itself. The only help & information I am solely asking for is specifically what ip address(es) or domain name(s) can I put for exclusion that might help in this situation. Since excluding the direct and specific ip address worked for ESET, I'm hoping I can get the same luck with Malwarebytes. Thanks for hangin' in there and reading this whole deal. I apologize if this topic at all annoys or irritates you at being too similar or repetitive as with the others. In any case, any help would be great. Thank you in advanced!
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