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Found 1 result

  1. Attached is an extracted rar file - nevermind about that either, it would appear I am *not* allowed to upload files on my thread post...but you can still grab the file off that link though.... from another rar file that I downloaded from this direct link: http://www.gamepatchplanet.com/game/download/ds.php?p=OIL.RUSH.V1.0.AND.V1.01.PLUS.2.TRAINER.BY.Burmass.rar&t=YTo0OntzOjQ6InRpbWUiO2k6MTQ2Nzc5MjkxMTtzOjQ6Imhhc2giO3M6NDA6ImQ5M2YwNzFjMmFkNjIxYjk2YmRmOTU4MDYzMWUzMzNlM2UzNmEwMTkiO3M6NjoiY3Rva2VuIjtzOjMyOiJhZTYzNGYwYmUwZmEwMTExMTU3OGE3MWM2OTQzNzk4MSI7czo2OiJzdG9rZW4iO3M6MzI6IjgyOGJjZTc1M2JjMGQ1OWE5NDgyYzMyYWRlNDFjMTkzIjt9 Nevermind, I just tested to link to see if it still works but they seems to have disabled direct linking, so I will refer you to the page of where I first got it from(second page actually, first would be the google search): http://www.gamepatchplanet.com/game/oil_rush The one you're looking for is this: Anyways, the site owner believes any pickups are false positives, you were one of them - upon scanning my system it picked the exe file and then quarantined it. Oh and here's a virustotal scan: https://virustotal.com/en/file/e934c283ea48ca80a9ce1881044d9a1b53a02dd21e0cf07893072b9fc969352b/analysis/ So I'm just here to report to you guys to see if you are able to whitelist this or fix it up somehow so that it doesn't turn up as trojan. So yeah, if you can shed any light on this, that'll be awesome!
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