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Found 10 results

  1. Please use this thread to post a brief description of program bugs clearly stating : The SAS version you are using. The Core and Trace definitions. Whether or not it is the Free or Paid versions Your Operating System specs. Thanks!
  2. SUPERAntiSpyware 6.0.1258 is now available for downloading from our main site and the update servers. Technology Changes Service release Misc. bug fixes Under-the-hood changes to support future feature enhancements
  3. How to deal with Tech Support Scams You get a pop-up message that says you're infected and for you to call “Microsoft” Tech Support with the provided number, a voice may come from your speaker instructs you that your data is in harms way and to not shut off your PC. In a panic, PC users call this number and long story short, end up paying hundreds of dollars to a scam artist that claimed to fix something that was never an issue to begin with. This story is common today if you read the news. A tech support scam artist claims to be an employee (or work with) of a major software company offering technical support to the victim. This can range from someone claiming to be your ISP, your cable provider, or even a Apple or Microsoft. The scam artist will claim the “company” has received notifications of errors, viruses, or issues from the victim’s PC. Scam artists are also claiming to work on behalf of the government to fight computer viruses and threats from enemy nations, hackers and terrorist organizations. How they get you Tech Support scam artists have a few tricks to try to extort you or scare you into paying them: Cold Call. You’ll get a random call from the scammer who claims your PC is infected or has a serious error. Pop-Up or Rogue Website. This is the more popular tactic where the victim will accidentally stumble upon a rogue website or receive a pop-up claiming you have a Windows OS Blue Screen Error, a massive data error, or a serious infection. Sometimes, it will lock your screen up and freeze your internet browser, or play a sound or voice over the speaker in an attempt to scare the victim. The pop-up or rogue website will always include the scam phone number for the victim to call. Once you are speaking to them and letting them in They will attempt to scare you further and instruct you to allow them to remote access your PC or devices to “fix” them. One they are in, they will claim they found the “errors” or “viruses” and ask you to pay for them to be removed, this usually amounts to hundreds of dollars. The money is collected from the victim usually by debit/credit card, wire transfer, or even prepaid gift carts! If the tech support scammers are remotely accessing your devices, they can use this as a way to hold your information hostage and ransom you. They can intentionally install malware onto your PC, or steal your sensitive data on your PC such as passwords, financial accounts, and other data. There have been been reports of the scammers becoming so agitated they have threatened to destroy the computer and all its data unless the victim pays on spot. What can you do to stop them? We at SUPERAntiSpyware recommend a few different forms of defense and mitigation against the plague of tech support scams: Do NOT give out credit card or bank information. Recognizing what is occurring and ending the call immediately if you are speaking to a tech support scammer. Do not allow unknown and unverified organizations remote access your devices such as your phone or PC. Make sure you are using the latest version of SUPERAntiSpyware and it is up to date. If you see a pop-up or you stumble upon a rogue website that is claiming you are infected, have an error, or a Blue Screen of Death go ahead and close your web browser, if needed force it down via the Process Manager. If you cannot do that, reboot your machine. If you are a victim File a fraud report with your Bank or Card issuer immediately and stop payment, or see if you can dispute the payment if it has already been made. File a Complaint with the FBIs Internet Crime Complaint Center Change your passwords to the services the tech support scam artists may have uncovered when they remote accessed your PC. Remove any remote access software the scam artist may have had you install on your PC.
  4. Please run our Force Update Tool It will force your SUPERAntiSpyware application to update to the latest version of the software and the latest definitions.
  5. So, I used SaS for a long time on my same pc when it was Windows 7. Now, when I try to install it, I keep getting this nasty little error called "Error creating shortcut. Aborting Installation." I've looked around, and I can find absolutely nothing online about it, and I contacted support, and they failed to help me. I'm now down to my last resort, and using the forums for assistance. I have tried the Online scan, safe run scan, mobile scan, the normal download for it AND the UVK download for it. All come back with the same error. My account is Administrator, and has full privilege and usage on this PC. Here is what the error looks like currently. Remember, I've used the Online Scanner, Safe Run Scanner, Mobile Scanner, the Normal Free download scanner and the UVK download. All come back with this same error, and I have full privilege and admin rights on my PC.
  6. SUPERAntiSpyware has encountered an unexpected error. I have a client who bought the pro version and on his laptop when doing a scheduled scan either on quick or complete scan it gives him this error every scan. If you start it up manually like it was the free version it runs and finishes. When it crashes it won't let you send the report after putting in your email. The check in zips is unchecked. What else could be the problem? He has this on his office computer as well and it finishes the scheduled scans, but, his laptop does not.
  7. I have the Pro version. SAS is scheduled to scan in the middle of the night and then put my comp to sleep after. Lately, SAS is getting stuck on the Scan Results page with a pop-up stating "failed to sleep...do you want to check your schedule settings now?" I don't want to change my settings, so I've always clicked "no". However, this error continues, and SAS does not "Continue", even though there is a button at the bottom of Scan Reults page to do so - nothing is highlighted to choose (other choices are Cancel Scan and View Scan Results).. What do I do?
  8. When ever i press check for updates... it takes along time... i havnt updated in prob like 150 days.... is this why?? Can anyone please help as i Took about 2hours already and its still not done..
  9. Greetings, I'm user this AntiSpyware, yesterday I detected a Trojan Agent/Gent Zbot put into SUPERAntiSpyware.exe and I will send as False Device so that you investigate it. Now, when I install the program again, because the executable was deleted. The program it's installed correctly but aren't in the folder the executables... And the shortcut on the desktop said there aren't executables in my pc. Why do I have this error?
  10. I have been getting the arror message and sending my email and I get no response. Win 7 64 bit, current version installed and re-installed several times and error message with suibmit report continues... HELP!
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