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Found 2 results

  1. Yesterday I updated to the latest SAS Free. During install as it removed the old version it noted "your preferences will be preserved." I guess this is true as long as my preference is the same as the program's preference. I only run AV, anti-malware etc.. during scans. To me real-time protection interferes with the proper operation of the system. Especially if the installer states it will honor my preferences it should do so. The case in point is "Start With Windows" which I always have disabled. After install this setting was toggled to Enabled. On the next boot there is SAS in the tray. I have used the program for years and appreciate that it is provided free of charge. But my suggestion would be to honor the settings of the current version when updating. Thanks for the program.
  2. I thought this issue had been addressed, but apparently not. The vast majority of the programs on my computers pay attention to ALL user preferences when updates are installed. SAS doesn't -- at least it doesn't for one item: Start SAS when Windows starts. I provide tech support to a number of friends and try to keep the number of programs that load at startup to a minumum to minimize startup time and maximize performance. These friends are barely computer literate and, after updating SAS, call to tell me that "this SAS screen keeps coming up now when I turn the computer on." I then lead them thru Preferences to uncheck that checkbox. They then ask, "Well, how did it get checked? I didn't check it. . . the screen didn't start appearing until after I installed the update!" I'm then a little embarrassed to tell them that the updates for SAS, which I recommended and put on their computer, ARE NOT PROGRAMMED PROPERLY; THEY DO NOT RETAIN THE USER'S PREFERENCE FOR THE 'START WHEN WINDOWS STARTS' OPTION! They then come back with, "Well, why don't they fix that?" My sentiments exactly: Why can't you fix that?
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