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  1. HI I'm back and so is the virus. Its called "Personal Gaurd 2009". Not sure how it got back on the computer, but its back and it disabled SAS and Malewarebytes. Do you have any idea where this virus is coming from, screen saver, game, or could it of been part of the virus that didn't get deleted the first time around and reinstalled itself?
  2. I just want to add that SAS has rescued at least 10 computers that I've worked on for friends and family. I recommend for everyone to buy the professional version. This is the first time I've run into trouble using it and the virus was already on the computer before I loaded SAS. Thank you for the info on the online scanner, if I run into this trouble again, I'll try that first. I've returned the infected computer to my neighbors and they are very happy it is working perfectly. Thank you!
  3. OKay, it was a Vundo virus. AVG found it and removed it in safe mode. As soon as I rebooted I could run SAS again. I'm still working on it but when I get done I'll post all of the infected files. SAS is running a scan right now.
  4. Something is causing SAS to load very slow. I've tried everything I can think of. Uninstalling, reinstalling, safemode, updates, however it takes 10 minutes to load SAS and another 5 minutes to get to any other menu in SAS. I checked the task manager and nothing else is using CPU. I believe its a virus causing the trouble. I've been using SAS for a year with excellent results and have the professional versions on two of my computers. The troubled computer is my neighbors and is using the free versionof SAS. If I can get this problem solved my neighbor will purchase the professional version. I have also tried to install Maleware bytes and it won't even run. I installed AVG on it and it found several virus's but still can't get SAS to run properly. Please help, Thanks in advance! Dave edit " The computer is using Windows XP Media center version 2002 service pack 3"
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