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  1. I'm running the latest. Downloaded fresh copy from the site. Oddly, it just started working on it's own? I contacted customer support and been in touch, but they said they reset the server. However, it wasn't working when I checked. Oddly it is now.
  2. Isn't really helpful, but I wouldn't post your activation code online. People can steal it and you may have to purchase a new one.
  3. Superantispyware is not an antivirus. It is a complementary software. You can't compare the two as nether work the same. If you indeed do pc repair, you should know the difference between the two. In other words: you can only be pissed off at yourself. It's not called superantispyware for nothing. It detects spyware and other forms of malware, but it works alongside your existing protection.
  4. I'm having problems running SAS Pro on a Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bit workstation. Will not check for updates or register. I've tried installing 3 times, but every time it does the same. Sometimes the border will say Professional Subscription active when I have a lifetime license. Or it will continue to say trial active after entering my license. I have checked my firewall and still no results.
  5. I just contacted them last night so hopefully it gets resolved. I'm also getting a memory check as I'm posting three months later(Heavens knows why I'm replying now???). This is a little late, but merry Christmas. Thanks!
  6. Yep I have the latest. I just contacted customer support a month ago and didn't want to contact them again if I could avoid it. I guess that's probably the best option. Thanks!
  7. Comodo isn't blocking it as I currently don't have it installed. I did a clean install due to some problems. Also where is the SAS_Startup.exe located?
  8. Hi everyone! Lately I've been having problems with SAS Pro version. I reinstalled it and when I check for updates with the task bar icon nothing happens. When I right click it again it no longer has my registration info. I have to then re register it then the same thing happens. I tried converting both the trial version and the free with the same problems. Any possible solution to this?
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