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  1. hello thank you that has solved it regards Paul
  2. Hi Super Antispyware finds this on my XP with a file reference of C:windowSystem32.votprx.dll although ccleaner and Avg do not find it. Super antispyware asks to do a reboot to remove it which I do then immediately rescan and it finds them again is there a way to get rid of this? Thank you Paul
  3. Hi Geoff I have solved it and it may be a solution for others although it happened on 27th August I did a system restore to the 24th August and it did not work but when i went back to before 20th August everything was as it was before. but make sure you do not run SAS before you download the most upto date version so I will carry on with you regards Paul
  4. I see many of us have had problems worse than if we had a virus so the software has caused this problem which we all paid them for. I still cannot get secuia, live mail or messanger to work and it will cost me £40 tomorrow for my computer shop to try to sort it out. I think we are all due a refund and then uninstall SAS as this could all happen again Paul
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