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  1. Hello; MY company Ace Computers has been re-selling your SAS Pro for a couple years (with lifetime licenses). We and our customers have been completely satisfied until just a few months ago. For some odd reason the load time has increased dramatically. On some machines SAS will take as long as 7 minutes to load - and it does not allow the user to do anything else while loading. This is not happening on just one or two machines but several. They are all windows XP Pro (sp3+) or Home. Our last count was 18 machines. And those are the ones brought back to us because of the incredible slowness. No telling how many people are just 'living' with. An uninstall of SAS Pro takes care of the issue, and when re-installed the lag comes back. As an interim solution we are now offering our customers Counter-Spy because it does not cause slow loading and does the job. But they do not have a lifetime warranty option, which my customers enjoy. We want to continue using your software but we need something that addresses the massive slowdown at windows load. Can you help? Maggie
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