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  1. Put more succinctly, here is a company which seems to have had a major glitch in its updating routines and whose only response, to date, is to mention software version on the homepage. As far as I can tell there has been no attempt made to contact users, especially paying users of Pro, to ensure the latest product is being used. Big question is why should I trust them with my money in the future? In this business service is all.
  2. Hello siliconman1. Thanks for your advice which I've followed and installed version 4.29.1004. May I suggest that the moderators should put up a 'Sticky' on updating 4.26.1004. If I hadn't asked about 'unknown processes' in this thread I wouldn't have known there was an update problem and happily assumed I was running the latest version of the application. There are probably thousands of SAS users in a similar position. Thanks again.
  3. On reboot, no pop up is displayed. Right clicking the bug and selecting 'Check for Updates' brings pop up 'There are currently no updates available for download and installation.' My version is 4.26.1004. Definitions updated 10/29/2009. In the Control Center Updates' tab boxes are ticked for 'Automatically check for program and definition updates ....' and 'Check for program updates when the application starts'.
  4. Interesting. I run SAS Pro and the software has never suggested it should be updated. seems only to apply to definitions. Other software I run will remind users when an update are required but it seems SAS doesn't even though the correct option boxes are ticked. Is this a glitch or am I missing something?
  5. A bump and suggestion that these files may be part of SAS's self-protection against attack by giving multiple launch options.
  6. On Firefox AdBlock Plus is very efficient. You might like to have a look.
  7. Windows XP Home SP3. Avast! 4.8 Home build 4.8.1356. SAS Zone Alarm Free firewall. During start-up system process 5894a498-c48f-41ce-a891-b776c4c1212a.exe runs and consumes up to 95% of CPU memory. Search engines have not identified this process and I initially suspected that it may have been an Avast! anti-virus routine - most likely the rootkit scan. However, discussion on the Avast! forums has led to me to believe that the file was part of SAS - you can find the thread here. The file is located at C:\Program Files\SUPERAntiSpyware\5894a498-c48f-41ce-a891-b776c4c1212a.exe. Here is a screenshot - you'll see there are three similar .exe files as well: What puzzles me is that other Avast!/SAS users have not found it in their SAS folders. When clicked it brings up the SAS Control Panel or a good facsimile. It scanned clean with MBAM AND Jotti gave 19 clears and VBA32 found 'Win32 Shadow Service Install'. Could someone please confirm that it is indeed legitimate? Thank you.
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