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  1. I have tried safe mode with system restore turned off and the result is exactly the same on reboot the .exe file is trashed. The system now nolonger runs all the start up items and fails to start NOD32. All my problems started when I upgraded to the registered pro version of sas from the trial version. By the way the trial version showed no trojans or a tracking cookies on the last scan before the upgrade. A NOD 32 system scan shows no virus or trojans so unless i can create a boot disc that will run sas i have the feeling I am snookered. Simon
  2. Every time I run the program it either closes down or completes its scan showing various tracking cookies and Trojans. When the program cleans and reboots the program icon on the desk top changes to the standard dos icon as does the .exe file and is no longer executable. It can not be deleted or repaired the only solution to get it working is to reboot and uninstall the program and delete the folder with the useless .exe file in it. The .exe file problem occurs no matter what the outcome of the scan is i.e. success or failure Simon
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