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  1. URGENT PLEASE COME ON GUYS, I ASKED FOR YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS SO I COULD SEND IMAGES OF WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH YOUR SUGGESTED "FIXES." YOU SEND "NO REPLY" EMAILS! I have been working here 4 hours preparing this reply only to find i do not have your valid email address to send it to. PLEASE SEND ME YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. I HAVE BOUGHT SAS PRO BUT AM UNABLE TO INSTALL IT. Bob Bowen (Auldsod)
  2. By the way, siliconman01. in the list of programs that the Microsoft program showed, there was nothing resembling Superantispyware to select. You are not going to let this beat you, are you?
  3. Hello siliconman01, thanks for the suggestions. Two of your previous suggestions, when applied. said I could not install SAS because it was already installed, the other two said there was no trace of SAS on my PC. (Psychologist says I am fine, it must be the PC.) You kindly gave me a fifth "fix", which, if applied, means (the non-existent?) bit of SAS MAY be removed, but so will over fifty unrelated programs, which will then have to be reinstalled . I really don't know what to say... except that this looks like the end of the road for SAS and I. Really, it boils down to SAS not being ready for the market yet, which leaves you guys with some hard work to do. Thank you anyway, I enjoyed my visit to the forum. Or do you have a sixth, not so drastic "fix"??? Because I am not applying #5! It's just too much work and I'm 73! May your days be many and happy.
  4. I have done everything told me. First two: SAS is already installed on your PC. Last two: No trace can be found of SAS. Now what please? The two greetings posts included my name were not placed by me!
  5. Gentlemen, I have been using SASPro for some years now. i removed it as it became corrupted. I also removed all the dead registry entries and everything else on my PC relating to SASPro. The PC is clean of SASPro. I mean really clean. I am now unable to install the new SASPro because I receive the error notice: Cannot install SAS because it is already installed. Rebooting again and again does not help. I think there must be a registry key stopping the new install. Please help me with this problem - thank you. I NEED the protection of SASPRO as there is not another antispyware product on the market that offers reliable protection.
  6. Hello folks. Auldsod is Ireland's nickname, being a sod cut from the green, grass of home. Been using SAS (lifetime) for some years along with avast!, MBAM (aslo lifetime), the good SpywareBlaster (Javacool) and the dubious a2. I want the SAS Pro now, but cannot install, as although I have already uninstalled my old "Lifetime", a message insists SAS IS STILL installed on my PC. What an interesting life... Best wishes to the dedicated people behind what has become the world's most trusted Antispyware utility. (No, please don't even mention a "security suite"...) Hehe
  7. Very pleasant forum, congrats guys. Been using SAS a few years now, Had "lifetime subscription." My SAS was eventually corruputed by a PC problem and had to be uninstalled. I am now UNABLE to re-install. Reason: "SAS is already installed on your PC," which is NOT so. I have removed every vestige of SAS from my PC and completely cleaned up the Registry, backups, prefetch - everything. The error remains: "Cannot install SAS as SAS is already installed on this PC"- or words to that effect. Help folk please. Thank you. By the way, as I had purchased a "lifetime sunscription" do I qualify for a SAS Pro in replacement - when my install problem is fixed?
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