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  1. The name I'm using in this forum is not the name with which I purchased SAS. The support link you finally did supply - instead of the limited support options on the other page, should have been posted prominently on your "support" page. Little infuriates me more than "support" people who don't read emails but simply send out a "canned" reply. If the person who answered my email would have READ it, they would have seen that there was a problem with the registration as it was sent to me. Simply sending me another copy of the same registration I had emailed was ridiculous. It was clear no one really read my email, but lightly skimmed it's first line or so. I will now contact you via the new support link. (As for my attitude, it got me the attention I should have gotten with the first private email.) Joe Kargan
  2. I was given a registration code that does not work. I have emailed their support with a copy of my confirmation with the registration I was given. Despite my telling them that the code they gave me does not register, the idiots send me back a copy of the same confirmation w/code that I sent them. How do you get these morons to READ an email? How do I reach these cretins in order to get what I paid for? Or is this one of those fly-by-night deals run by one fool who couldn't care less once he gets the money?
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