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  1. Hi LaForge, This is a Dell Dimension 4600 with Windows XP Home edition, fully up to date with Windows Update. The machine was completely cleaned of viruses (using superantispyware and a few other programs) and entirely stable up to the uninstall debacle. Significant damage was done to the registry in one fell swoop. I've managed to replace the registry with the windows repair version created at the original install, and am laboring to restore the undamaged registry (from earlier today). Remnis
  2. Hello all! I am an IT tech doing free-lance work. Recently, after ridding a PC of viruses (nothing I removed was especially dangerous, just a bunch of MyWebSearch entries) I was cleaning up shop (i.e. uninstalling the various utilities and programs i had used). While uninstalling Superantispyware (an excellent program that I've used successfully hundreds of times) I received an error saying the uninstall had terminated unexpectedly. Subsequently, damage to the OS was rampant. I am now getting a BSOD at startup, and cannot boot the computer in Safe mode. I must admit that i am completely mystified. The computer seemed entirely clean before this all happened, and I haven't found any record of this sort of problem on the internet...
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