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  1. UPDATE: I just had my GF try her computer. She ran it in safe mode AND regular login. She has a VERY small size computer (Took only 20 mins to scan her entire computer as appose 5 HOURS for mine). She has 254 results as apposed to the 197 on mine. Well hers ALSO just rebooted all by itself when it tried to quarantine the results...
  2. I booted the computer into SAFEMODE and then did a search on my computer, left it on for 5 hours and discovered 197 spyware hidden amongst the files, registry and memory.. (I have a serious problem with POP UP windows!) It displays the 197 results and asks me to quarantine, I chose to do so and it IMMEDIATELY REBOOTS THE COMPUTER!!! I then did another search again in safemode and the moment you try to do anything with the result files, it REBOOTS... HELP!!
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