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  1. I almost had a similar experience but I canceled the scan after I found it was repeating a scan of about 10 files, over and over. The file count was very high and unusual and the scan was taking a longer time than normal, so I watched it closely and found the repetition taking place. I mentioned it to SAS but got no response. I uninstalled SAS immediately.
  2. laforge129-- Thank you for your reply. Much appreciated. My computer is two years old and I downloaded SAS one month ago with the latest update to SAS yesterday, the day of my last scan. I will uninstall SAS today and re-install it and try it again. Do you suggest running SAS in safe mode or regular? Thank you again.
  3. I have an HP Pavillion laptop with Windows Vista Home version and use the SAS free version. The last two times I have scanned my computer, SAS gets to a certain point in its scan and starts repeating a scan of about ten files. It repeats the scan of these files over and over and while the file count keeps going up, it is only the same ten files or so that show up as being scanned, as if it is stuck in place and can't go forward. Eventually, the file count stops going up but the repeating continues until I stop the scan. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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