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  1. As Nick said in his post, you should uninstall and re-install SAS PRO. I suggest that you use the SASUNINST.EXE tool to uninstall. https://www.superantispyware.com/downloads/SASUNINST.EXE Then download SAS PRO V4.28.1010 from the SuperAntiSpyware website and install it. If you carefully read my note, I did exactly this. I even went further, and scrubbed my registry which still had SAS keys (even though I used the SAS remover tool). Still get the issue w/SAS's splash screen not wanting to disappear (and having SAS not loaded 100% as a result). Any other ideas?
  2. I've have a very similar issue with this new version 1010. I've experienced this, actually, as a major problem starting with version 1008 making SAS completely unusable (I have the PRO version, lifetime subscription). When I attempted to update to these versions, and rebooted my machine (VISTA 32bit), I get the SAS splash screen and it WILL NOT disappear. I can maneuver around the splash screen, but it "visually" blocks all other applications as the splash screen takes over as the "front" center view of the screen shot and pushes all other applications to the "back". I've left my PC on for over 1 hour and the splash screen will not disappear...so I know the SAS application is frozen and not 100% loaded and settled. I'm forced to remove the SAS program using your SAS remover tool and rebooting. The SAS program is completely unusable on my machine. Version 1006 is the latest SAS which will work on my PC... When I removed SAS using your remover tool, I then went thru my registry and further removed every instance of superantispyware keys/statements (there were many, so why isn't your tool removing these?). I then attempted reloading SAS (ver 1010) with a clean machine and pristine registry. Same issue. There is definitely a conflict and/or bug which began in the 1008 code... Any ideas on what I can/should do?
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