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  1. SAS_ Dave Hi Thank you for the update...yes, I was using alternate start...unaware of the consequences and it's purpose.. Thanks... as you have read my thread ...an earlier post offered using BootSafe will crash my Vista OS...so, I thought I should uninstall just in case I forget and use it... SUPERAntiSpy clarified w Vista nothing would happen using BootSafe. I imagine if BootSafe was able to be compatible with Vista...the author would have coded it by now? Regards bjm_
  2. Hello SUPERAntiSpy Only just noticed your creds ~ Site Admin... As this is your house... and I am a guest. I will in future conduct myself in a respectful manner and with proper Forum Etiquette as I am a guest in your house. May I delete BootSafe files and not corrupt SAS application. Respectfully submitted bjm_
  3. Hello SUPERAntispy are you Site Admin / Site Moderator / SAS rep / ? So, now I have another answer to the same question... As I did not put forth any incorrect information...you may address your comment to the poster that did...I have to accept all info offered in good faith and the best available info at the time...just as I accept your info in good faith and the best available info at the time... I was only relying on the last offered comment....which sounded like a concerned Forum member trying to help another Forum member... Why would that upset you SUPERAntispy? If info was incorrect...I'm sure no malice was intended. Info was just incorrect. Interesting why this seemingly simple issue would be so misunderstood. Why would another poster offer my system would be down if I use BootSafe. I have tried via email to SAS and via this Forum to resolve an unknown for me. As BootSafe is non-functional with Vista...how would I know that. Is there a note with the UI to explain not functional with Vista. NO. I would try to use it an when nothing happened (as you have now explained) I would be concerned my system was broken. How would I know BootSafe was not supported with Vista. The system requirements for SAS include Vista with no info re BootSafe. May I delete BootSafe files ? Have not been reassured that Repairs components are Vista supported ? As to your hope that this clears it up for me....Not yet I'm curious why you feel the need to warn me about anything... A constructive clarification is better received than a warning to be careful... So, you be careful Regards bjm_
  4. Hello siliconman1, Wow! I presume Nick is SAS Forum Admin / Author / SAS rep...? I've been trying to get a strait answer to the BootSafe Vista supported issue directly via email to SAS. Appears like SAS wants to keep secrets...only offered vague quicky reply to my emails and did not fully address the issue. I will visit Forum for Help in future and that maybe what SAS wants. Who know? Odd, why does SAS not annotate this most critical conflict between SAS and Vista. I may render my system unbootable or unable to boot out of Safe Mode and SAS does not post any warning. What can be their motivation for withholding vital info. Feeling less than positive about SAS because of all this... I sincerely appreciate your candor. I wonder how many Vista users have crashed and burned using BootSafe? I'm still have doubts and concerns about Repairs module. As SAS offers no warning for BootSafe. How can I be assured that Repairs options will not crash my system. I wish SAS would devote less energy in selling me a subscription and devote some of that effort to educate me about the limitations of SAS. Thank you again for your continued interest.... I will delete BootSafe .exe file Please ... anyone post back to reassure me that Repairs module is supported with Vista.., Regards bjm_ .
  5. Hi siliconman1 re Only BootSafe is not for Vista. So, Repairs module is supported with Vista...Thanks, that is good news. Don't have to worry if I need to make Repairs. Wonder what would happen if I had tried to use BootSafe with Vista. Would it just not work or cause problems. May I delete the BootSafe files or would that corrupt program. I guess BootSafe has no intention to ever upgrade product for Vista or Win7. Thanks again to all help and info Regards bjm_
  6. Hi siliconman1 re BootSafe BootSafe > Supports Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000 and XP > http://www.superadblocker.com/bootsafe.html So, only logical for me to question other modules of SAS as BootSafe is not supported in Vista. What other features of SAS may not be supported with Vista. Have no idea what will result if BootSafe run on Vista. Maybe nothing? Does SAS post info anywhere what is and not Vista supported. Regards bjm_
  7. Thank you for your interest and detailed response Vista SP2 32bit Norton Internet Security 09 ver SAS free I thought the string .exe looked funny I'll follow your instructions and post back Regards bjm_
  8. well, looks like no one likes my question... so, I ask it again Why does SAS create a new Firewall Program rule every time I access the UI Thanks for all your help.
  9. Hello, I'm curious why SAS populates 3 .exe entries in my Firewall Program Control. Only app I have ever seen to generate more than 1 entry in my Firewall Program Control What is each .exe for Regards bjm_
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