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  1. Since I don't live close to her I kind of hate to run comboFix remotely via LogMeIn but I suppose I could run the other two, I'd really be surprised though if it was malware she's always had good protection with Avast (real-time protection with manual scans), SuperAntiSpyware (even though having to do manual scans) and Malwarebytes (manual scans). I could see it being another program not apparent to me or registry items not removed after a program uninstall. I can't remember all the programs I've installed on her computer throughout the years but the ones I do remember are PC-cillin, Zone Alarm, Spy Sweeper, and possibly Spybot but not sure. When I removed them I either used their removal tools or did a search in the registry plus used registry cleaners/repair like CCleaner and Glary Registry Repair. This is kind of frustrating to me because this is the first time I've had a problem installing SuperAntispyware and whatever is causing the problem doesn't effect her other programs such as Avast to remember settings.
  2. Besides SuperAntiSpyware I installed Avast (free version)and Windows Defender (not running real-time) on her computer (also she is using Windows Firewall). Seth I have Avast, SuperAntiSpyware and Windows Defender (not running real-time) on four of my computers without an hint of a conflict with various OS (XP Pro, Vista Home and Windows 7 Home) so it's hard to believe the conflict would be with any of these programs. Any other ideas?
  3. She's running 32 bit XP. I right-clicked on "SuperAntispyware Professional" and "Run As" this brings up "Current User" which is my mom and is checked. The other thing checked is "Protect my computer and data from unauthorized program activity." Now in "User Accounts" my mom is listed as an administrator so it seems SuperAntiSpyware is already running under an Administator account. What do I do now?
  4. I've had SAS Pro installed on several of my families computers for a couple of years now with little trouble except when I installed it on my mom's computer last Sept or so. It installs fine and goes through the setup process automatically checking to do auto updates and I set any preferences I want including scheduled scans. Okay everything is fine until my mom reboots her computer but then SAS Pro somehow forgets all it's settings after a reboot it goes through the setup process again every single time. If you open up SAS Pro you have to check automatic updates again plus any other preferences like setting up scheduled scans it just will not remember any settings, so this is very confusing to my mom when it asks setup questions each time she reboots. This has been going on for several months but since I don't live near her I tend to forget she is having problems. I have uninstalled and reinstalled SAS Pro several times but always with the same results I've used Windows to uninstall and also Revo Uninstaller. Since I installed SAS Pro many times before I'm very familiar with how it works and I've never had this issue with any other install. Since this is very frustrating any ideas before I say the heck with SAS Pro on her computer even though she's already paid for lifetime updates?
  5. Thanks for the reply maybe you could have an option to reboot after an update if needed, just something to consider.
  6. I was hoping someone from SuperAntiSpyware would respond to some of my questions especially items 2 and 3 like would they be considered in future upgrades?
  7. First let me say I have bought and installed SuperAntSpyware Pro on 6 computers some on mine and some on friends so hopefully my minor complaints have a little credibility and maybe they will be considered: 1. Whenever an update message pops ups (not the database definitions update the other one) I click on it and more times than not the update doesn't appear no matter how long I wait, I might have to close it out and do this 3 times and then it will finally appear so I can click on next and then it will install the updates. This seems to do this on all the computers I've installed SuperAntiSpyware Pro is this a bug? 2. Is there a reason why SuperAntiSpyware Pro can't be programmed do the above automatically without user interaction? 3. Is there a reason why there can't be a setting to automatically quarantine anything found after a scan? And the option of shutting down SuperAntiSpyware Pro after that quarantine and/or after a scan. 4. A "Select All" when you go to Manage Quarantine so you can delete more than one at a time. Items 2 and 3 are pretty important to me because I find SuperAntiSpyware Pro has too much user interaction mainly for people who would like antispyware protection but know little about computers or how software works. As an example I put SuperAntiSpyware Pro on my mom's and her friend's computer and both are near 80, I went back and forth on what to install for them SuperAntiSpyware Pro or Windows Defender but finally decided on your software because I knew it was better... in hindsight though maybe I should have installed Windows Defender since it require no interaction. I know anytime an update message (item 1) appears they will never do anything about it so it will never get updated thus defeating the purpose of even having SuperAntiSpyware Pro plus having a setting to automatically quarantine everything found and then shutdown the software would be a tremendously helpful. Any chance any of the above will be instituted???
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