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  1. Submit a support request here: https://www.superantispyware.com/csrcreateticket.html Hello, Have you also tried SASUNINST.EXE tool ? Perhaps that works. Best wishes, Ali
  2. My SAS is also PRO version with Lifetime subscription.The problems occured in the last two versions of SAS. (Just for the information for those who are concerned: I have been using Norton Internet Security 2009 for more than 6 months without any problems. Could there be a conflict between Norton and the latest versions of SAS ?) Best wishes, Ali
  3. Hello, Today, I experienced many problems with the latest version (4.28.1010)of my registered SAS. 1) After I updated to the latest version, TWO SuperAntiSpyware icons have began to appear in the systemtray instead of ONE icon. (Not always but from time to time at every boot) 2) Almost at every boot, the following windows have come on the desktop and I have to wait for these windows to finish and disappear: a)"SuperAntiSpyware is now downloading updates to the spyware / adware definitions." b)"SuperAntiSpyWare is retrieving thne latest spyware definitons from our server, please wait..." (These took for about two minutes to disappear; my internet connection download speed is 8192 Kbp/s 3) At ever boot, SuperAntiSpyWare "MAIN MENU" window has began to appear by itself on the desktop without any change in the settings. 4) When I click the "CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE" there is no response and no new window comes. There was a strange problem with the previous version of SAS, its date returned back to 01/01/2002 and this also interfered with the date of my PC and changed its date to the year 2002. This date error caused a lot of problems, including I was not able to log in to my MSN. A) SO PLEASE, FIX THE FOUR errors that I experienced with the latest version of SAS (4.28.1010) CHECK IT THOROGHLY BEFORE LAUNCHING A NEW VERSION OF SAS ....and....DO NOT TAMPER OR FIDDLE WITH THE STRUCTURE OF AN ERRORLESS VERSION. Best regards, Ali
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