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  1. I am using the AVG full Internet Security Suite and yes... they seem to be very compatable.. pretty much run hand in ahnd together...no problems here SAS and AVG full if ya pay for it work great....
  2. ok will do this product has really done wonders for me.....i look at the diff posts and see where some say it has slowed them down and other things but as far as i can see no slower here....i try to keep a clean machine i even got rid of some programs which i'll never use ... i have no problems with SAS..i'll be and will continue to Advertise for this product. let me know when new products from them come out..lol... Thanks, Perry .. A.K.A. .. Armageddon
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    ok ... i am pretty new to here...the url that i put into my last topic sig is just where i chat..where i will be telling everyone about the SuperAntiSpyware application i seen another post about spam ..sorry..i wont put that there again Thanks & Peace, Perry a.k.a. Armageddon
  4. Well as i have said, i had just bought a new dell laptop,when i came home and one of my girls told me there was something wrong..well i am thinking ok..lol..it's only 2 days old wut could it be...well somewhere they had aquired a win32/renos.jm trojan among 2 other downloaders and a backdoor thing...now i am to up on this stuff so i got to doing some research on these things and found the SuperAntiSpyware Professional removal tool...i downloaded it and started my "new" laptop in safe mode instaslled then ran the SAS well that was the best thing i have done so i went to the website and purchased it and have since then sent 5 friends to get it, 3 of which have bought it.....so i have to say.. Thank you to the staff here for the lifetime membership and all your help. i chat on mirc in a few places and will be advertising for ya'll Thanks, Perry a.k.a. Armageddon http://www.chatsensations.com #shyne
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    need answer

    i just got a laptop and had the same problem after one of my daughters went somewhere and got ahold of some malicious stuff..well needless to say i had to start the new lappy in safe mode and run the SuperAntiSpyware application just to get it to work...well...... IT worked and i bought it...kit's great and than ks to the staff here as well...so start in safe mode then run the SAS good luck and gods speed Perry
  6. ok i went and bought the professional version i forgot to add to my cart the lifetime subscription ..ugh.....is there anyway since i only did this less that 30 min. ago to buy also the lifetime subscription for $9.95 ?? please help if ya'll can ..in getting the lifetime subscription. Thank You, Armagettinit......Perry
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