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  1. Fair enough, so just run your software on any machine, and I can click a restore option, point to my copied quarantine files, and it will restore them to the directory of my choice? -- Bruce D. Meyer Analysis & Encryption Phone numbers edited out My Key Fingerprint is: 8BC3 14B5 CE77 3C83 F4A7 5353 3F27 97FF 0591 44F9 ------------------------- South Carolina Information Sharing and Analysis Center (SC-ISAC) Department of State I.T. (D.S.I.T) ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~- Upload your PGP public key, download or verify mine at: http://keys.cio.sc.gov
  2. I ran your tool after running two other utils, and it found what I agree is most assuredly some nasty malware. I chose to quarantine it, so I could move the found files to a thumbdrive and analyse at my (linux) workstation. It appears to be an encrypted file. What techniques can I use to decrypt and gain access to the quarantined items ? Thank-you, Bruce D. Meyer '
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