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  1. Thanks... I worked on the permissions for these registry items and finally was able to delete this. Something in the registry from freeze.com that had changed the permission so that nothing would delete it. Uuugh... what a pain. Thanks for the help.
  2. I am running Windows XP with Service Pack 3. I've looked at the permissions and they looked ok, but maybe I need to be walked through how to check them again for proper settings. Thanks.
  3. Have run SuperAntiSpyware and repeatedly cannot get rid of Browser Hijacker.deskbar. Have also booted in safe mode and cannot get rid of it. Even tried to manually delete the registry keys and Windows will not allow it to be deleted. Here's the log... would appreciate some assistance in getting this off my system. Thanks. SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log https://www.superantispyware.com Generated 09/02/2009 at 09:04 PM Application Version : 4.27.1002 Core Rules Database Version : 4083 Trace Rules Database Version: 2023 Scan type : Quick Scan Total Scan Time : 00:43:00 Memory items scanned : 596 Memory threats detected : 0 Registry items scanned : 664 Registry threats detected : 16 File items scanned : 10859 File threats detected : 5 Adware.Tracking Cookie C:\Documents and Settings\zixan\Cookies\zixan@tribalfusion[1].txt C:\Documents and Settings\DJJ\Cookies\djj@specificclick[1].txt C:\Documents and Settings\DJJ\Cookies\djj@specificmedia[1].txt C:\Documents and Settings\DJJ\Cookies\djj@iacas.adbureau[1].txt C:\Documents and Settings\DJJ\Cookies\djj@insightexpressai[1].txt Browser Hijacker.Deskbar HKCR\TypeLib\{77AA25E8-6083-4949-A831-9CB11861DC10} HKCR\TypeLib\{77AA25E8-6083-4949-A831-9CB11861DC10}\1.0 HKCR\TypeLib\{77AA25E8-6083-4949-A831-9CB11861DC10}\1.0\0 HKCR\TypeLib\{77AA25E8-6083-4949-A831-9CB11861DC10}\1.0\0\win32 HKCR\TypeLib\{77AA25E8-6083-4949-A831-9CB11861DC10}\1.0\FLAGS HKCR\TypeLib\{77AA25E8-6083-4949-A831-9CB11861DC10}\1.0\HELPDIR HKCR\Interface\{6ABB739A-787B-495B-82B8-1526B804E912} HKCR\Interface\{6ABB739A-787B-495B-82B8-1526B804E912}\ProxyStubClsid HKCR\Interface\{6ABB739A-787B-495B-82B8-1526B804E912}\ProxyStubClsid32 HKCR\Interface\{6ABB739A-787B-495B-82B8-1526B804E912}\TypeLib HKCR\Interface\{6ABB739A-787B-495B-82B8-1526B804E912}\TypeLib#Version HKCR\Interface\{EA5C58AE-7DB0-40C3-BAAE-BA9008A243EB} HKCR\Interface\{EA5C58AE-7DB0-40C3-BAAE-BA9008A243EB}\ProxyStubClsid HKCR\Interface\{EA5C58AE-7DB0-40C3-BAAE-BA9008A243EB}\ProxyStubClsid32 HKCR\Interface\{EA5C58AE-7DB0-40C3-BAAE-BA9008A243EB}\TypeLib HKCR\Interface\{EA5C58AE-7DB0-40C3-BAAE-BA9008A243EB}\TypeLib#Version
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