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  1. You may have to boot into safe mode to get your Antiirus and Antimalware software to run and install. Check out: Why you Can't Run Antivirus or Taskmanager For more information on why the malware does this sort of thing!! Hope this helps let me know if you need any more help!!
  2. As Nick said in his post, you should uninstall and re-install SAS PRO. I suggest that you use the SASUNINST.EXE tool to uninstall. https://www.superantispyware.com/downloads/SASUNINST.EXE Then download SAS PRO V4.28.1010 from the SuperAntiSpyware website and install it. They need to do with SAS PRO have that SASUNIST.EXE be installed as you install SAS, so you don't have go download it from the site. Just a few thoughts!! Check out the picture below to disable the Splash screen at startup!!
  3. Yep I have done the same thing, if you have anyone who wants to check out the review of SAS send them to my site!!
  4. You can run updates manually, this would be my first option. I hate Windows ME because Microsoft is no longer updating that Operating system. Hope that helps!!
  5. Yep Most times you will have to boot into Safemode to remove those types of annoying programs. PAV is so annoying because it is what i call scareware and tries to make your pay for fake products and services. I would suggest AVG Free alongside SAS PRO to help prevent these types of infections in the future. http://www.tech-linkblog.com/superantispyware-and-pav-exe-how-to-remove-it/ http://www.tech-linkblog.com/avg-8-5-free-version-best-on-my-system/ These will help remove it!!
  6. All .SWP files are what we call windows Swap which uses is like CACHE in windows 98 and Windows is what uses that. So it isn't SAS fault, there is probable root kits on that system because of how old it is. Should get a Linux system going on that system because of how out dated the system is. Microsoft isn't even updating that system anymore!! Hope this helps!! If you want to install a easy linux distro check out Kubuntu: http://www.kubuntu.org/ It's Free
  7. I never liked Kasperksy Nod 32, I also think it is a lot cheaper and works just as good to use AVG Free 8.5 with Superantispyware: http://www.tech-linkblog.com/avg-8-5-free-version-best-on-my-system/ I've not had a Virus yet with this combination. I also will always suggest to my clients to use Firefox instead with all web browser!! Avg 8.5 has a great email scanner!!
  8. I have to say SAS works wonders on all kinds of malware. I even did a review of SAS on my site: http://www.tech-linkblog.com/superantispyware-my-review/ SAS keeps my customers safe!!
  9. Have you try to use Hiack this to see if you can find the programs responsible? [ post the log so that SAS can include it on there next update!!
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