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  1. Welcome to the Forum and You know I have done my own review of SAS and I recommend this to all my friends and Customers I'm somewhat a Computer Repair home business and I have from time to time sold SAS to my customers. I love the real time protection myself!! If you have any questions feel free to ask!!!

  2. Before I bought SAS professional a few months ago, (no problems since) I beat back a WinAntivirus 2010 virus with research, thankfully Chrome wasn't polluted, file shredders and ultimately combofix and then mbam once I was able to regain control of the computer permissions.

    The computer is generally fine with these exceptions. Occasionally programs are very slow or are very, very slow to load. Most of the time they do fine once loaded other than some slowness which isn't consistent. Secondly, the Microsoft updates feature on my XP is fubar-ed. I can't even seem to go to Microsoft and manually update XP. Third, on boot/login I'll get WMI & logoui.exe errors. If I remember correctly the WMI error returns when I access some photo/video programs, like Photoshop. Whenever any of these errors occur, I'll either close the window or click the Debug button and go on. Fourth, sometimes I can't access taskmaster. SAS repair tool usually fixes it. Lastly, a lot of the time it seems like my hard drive is working (sound, light on the front of the computer) on something but nothing show up in taskmaster and the vast majority of the cpu is being used by Windows idle processes.

    It's nothing I'm not coping with, but it would be nice to have these things gone. Any suggestions, reference, etc.?

    You also might try using Ultimate Boot CD to scan your system. It comes with some very good tools in determining what is causing the problem.

  3. Every time I run the program it either closes down or completes its scan showing various tracking cookies and Trojans. When the program cleans and reboots the program icon on the desk top changes to the standard dos icon as does the .exe file and is no longer executable. It can not be deleted or repaired the only solution to get it working is to reboot and uninstall the program and delete the folder with the useless .exe file in it.

    The .exe file problem occurs no matter what the outcome of the scan is i.e. success or failure



    One of the ways you can do is boot in safe mode and make sure you have cleaned the restore points before you reboot. You can also try making one of the many Bootable Antivirus CD's and see if that will fix the problem. http://www.techmixer.com/free-bootable-antivirus-rescue-cds-download-list/[/url Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions.

  4. I am trying to install Windows 7 Home Premium. Each time I try the process it eventually aborts and says I have to uninstall SAS. I have uninstalled SAS. I have deleted every key that mentions it from my registry. I have run SAS Uninstall. And I have rebooted the computer each time, but Windows 7 still complains that SAS must be uninstalled before it can proceed. Can someone please tell me what could be left on my computer that WIndows thinks is SAS and how to remove it? Thank you, :-)

    Blue Crow

    Blue Crow,

    it is recommended to do a Complete clean install of Windows 7. If your trying to upgrade from XP or Vista that can be a problem, you can do a complete wipe of the hard drive and installing the Windows Upgrade with out a problem. This is the only way you should do it.

  5. KIS automatically uninstalled my SAS Pro today while doing the KIS update. It would not install w/o 1st doing the uninstall.

    I reinstalled SAS Pro and ran a scan. Everything is fine. Seems that Kaspersky is flagging some programs and insists on the uinstall.

    I am sorry but why us KIS if they will do that without your permission? They should at least ask or give you the option of uninstalling. I say dump them and go with http://free.avg.com.

    That is just my thoughts!! I don't like programs that uninstall other programs without at least giving your an option of "yes or NO".

  6. Hi LaForge,

    This is a Dell Dimension 4600 with Windows XP Home edition, fully up to date with Windows Update. The machine was completely cleaned of viruses (using superantispyware and a few other programs) and entirely stable up to the uninstall debacle. Significant damage was done to the registry in one fell swoop. I've managed to replace the registry with the windows repair version created at the original install, and am laboring to restore the undamaged registry (from earlier today).


    I know most of the dells have a windows repair partition, if I am not mistaken you have to press f11 or f12 at boot up to get to that screen. You may have to call tech support to find out the right button but it will allow you fix windows without loosing your important files. You might have to do a complete restore because of the damage.

  7. Hi,

    I just installed SAS Free V4.28.1010 (after using the uninstall assistant to uninstall the previous version) and a couple weird things happened:

    1. After I installed and set my preferences to *not* automatically update definitions on start-up, when I rebooted by computer, it tried checking for updates anyways (I was off-line, and I blocked it in ZA). I went back into preferences and made sure I had that option turned off, which I did, so I checked it, closed out, then re-opened the program and unchecked it and closed out and restarted my computer. It did not try it automatically get updates after that. Why did this happen?

    2. When I first downloaded the definitions after installing the new version, it asked for permission to access the internet through ZA (like normal), then in the middle of downloading the core definitions, it asked to access the internet again in ZA. I allowed it (not knowing what to do), and it finished the core and then did the trace. My ZA log didn't show anything under "destination ID" and under direction (which is usually either incoming or outgoing) it showed "(data). Why did this happen?

    3. Then when I rebooted (as described in #1above), and checked for updates again, it downloaded one set of definitions again (not sure if it was core or trace, but it was just one). I should have already had the newest definitions when I got them the first time (as described in #1). So why did it download some definitions here again?

    Any help is appreciated -- thanks!

    Zonealarm is a great firewall but sometimes you have to go into ZA and tell it to Allow Automatically. If you don't and it get's somehow put to deny it won't ask you and SuperAntiSpyware can't connect to the server to update the servers. I'd go into Zonelarm and tell it to always allow SUPERAntiSPyware.exe to access the internet. That would be the first place I would look.

  8. Hello all! I am an IT tech doing free-lance work. Recently, after ridding a PC of viruses (nothing I removed was especially dangerous, just a bunch of MyWebSearch entries) I was cleaning up shop (i.e. uninstalling the various utilities and programs i had used). While uninstalling Superantispyware (an excellent program that I've used successfully hundreds of times) I received an error saying the uninstall had terminated unexpectedly. Subsequently, damage to the OS was rampant. I am now getting a BSOD at startup, and cannot boot the computer in Safe mode.

    I must admit that i am completely mystified. The computer seemed entirely clean before this all happened, and I haven't found any record of this sort of problem on the internet...

    Well let's start off asking the basic questions I need system specs to be able to help solve this problem. Let me know the system and I will try to help!!

  9. UPDATE: I just had my GF try her computer. She ran it in safe mode AND regular login. She has a VERY small size computer (Took only 20 mins to scan her entire computer as appose 5 HOURS for mine). She has 254 results as apposed to the 197 on mine.

    Well hers ALSO just rebooted all by itself when it tried to quarantine the results...

    What Antivirus Software are you using and what are the results? Have you tried Hijackthis great little software to see what programs are actually running. Have you tried other Antivirus software like AVG? Let me know what you used to scan and we might have some ideas

  10. Sir,

    :?: I am living in India, I am not a credit card holder and I have only Bank accounts with Indian Rupees (INR)

    How I pay the amount if I want purchase Superantispywar professional edition[/b]

    Here is a way around it to where you can Buy SUPERAntiSpyware.

    Open up a Paypal account, they are free to anyone who wants to buy stuff online. Paypal has some good Protections for your purchases and helps even refunds money where there are unauthorized purchases.

    After you have set up your account link it to your bank account, you then can have it withdraw from you bank account whenever you buy products online. Once it is tied to your account might take up to a week to do but once you can verify it with Paypal, they will deposit some small change into your account to verify it.

    Then come back and BUY SUPERAntiSpyware using Paypal with out a worry in the world. They accept Paypal and you don't have to worry about your hard earned money being taken from your account without your knowledge.

  11. thank you, laforge.

    its a well known firm, you can also get the starter edition of their program free with google starter pack.

    but i am just amazed that sas and sd S+d didn't pick up what the program in question appears to have picked up.

    I would Start A ticket with SUPERAntiSpyware and Contact Support to see if they can help identify this program or virus.

    That way if it is a new virus, trojan, or malware and they can't send out an update to catch that type of malware.

  12. hi

    ive got this w32 on my vista, as ive read the fourms and etc it's said scanning in safe mode shall do the job, i did the full scan in safe mode and still there exists the same problem, on the next scan same problem is detected by superantivirus. what shall i do?? any suggestions??

    Before you do the scan make sure to disable your restore points. That is sometimes how they re-infect the system. Also check all your removable drives to make sure it isn't being re-infected by that virus.

  13. My SAS is also PRO version with Lifetime subscription.The problems occured in the last two versions of SAS. (Just for the information for those who are concerned: I have been using Norton Internet Security 2009 for more than 6 months without any problems. Could there be a conflict between Norton and the latest versions of SAS ?)

    Best wishes,


    As Nick said in his post, you should uninstall and re-install SAS PRO. I suggest that you use the SASUNINST.EXE tool to uninstall.


    Then download SAS PRO V4.28.1010 from the SuperAntiSpyware website and install it.

    If you carefully read my note, I did exactly this. I even went further, and scrubbed my registry which still had SAS keys (even though I used the SAS remover tool). Still get the issue w/SAS's splash screen not wanting to disappear (and having SAS not loaded 100% as a result). Any other ideas?

    Have you tried to do a complete removal of SAS by using that SASUNISTALL tool then going the Registry and deleting anything to do with SUPERantiSpyware or SAS. I've had someone else who had to do that to fix their problem maybe this will help with you then going to download a whole new version of SUPERAntiSpyware. This seems to be how to solve it with him maybe it could be done with you. Oh and if you look at my picture above there is a way to disable splash screen on start up!! Let me know if that works!!

  14. Paul, that is exactly what I did and all is well now.


    Your welcomed, I thought it was probably left over Registry stuff after you unistalled the software that needed to be deleted but didn't!! If there's anything else I can help you with SAS let me know!!

  15. I joined this forum expressly to "second" all of McCoady's suggestions, in particular, I would very much like to see #4 implemented, the option to "select all" items in Quarantined. If "select all" is not possible, then surely you can implement "STANDARD" Windows keyboard options to hold down the Shift key to select multiple entries (if not all) at once, or hold down the Ctrl key to select multiple entries one at a time.

    The reason why you can't do that is if you just deleted all those at one time you could run into the problem of making the system unstable, by making you delete one at a time you will be able see if it is a vital program or not!! Sometimes Virus and Trojans actually modify systems programs to prevent you from deleting them or quarantine them as it is called it.

  16. Then it is either a boot once registry problem or something like that!! Let me look at my Registry and see!!

    Ok I think I see the problem, try do the uninstall and and after your reboot go through

    run program


    Search for SUPERAntiSpyware or SAS

    Find Anything that is related to them and Delete them. Just remember to make a backup before you make any changes just in case!!

    then re-install and see what happens

    Let me know


  17. If it is a rootkit the only sure way to get that virus or trojan or what ever it is off your system is to mount it as a slave drive and scan it that way on a clean system. Rootkits are designed to be hidden in the system it is infected and most Antivirus softwares can't see it!! Only sure way to disinfect it is to scan the hard without booting up off that hard drive!!

  18. No, SAS is not an antivirus. It is meant to run along side your AV. I would definetly put Avast back on or maybe try the free version of Avira http://www.free-av.com/en/download/1/av ... virus.html. SAS should run great with any AV. :mrgreen:

    Prairie Dog and me differ on the free Antivirus, I suggest AVG 8.5 Free version but Yes it is designed to run along with SUPERAntiSpyware. It is however you decision on which free Antivirus software you want to use.

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