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  1. SASService, I downloaded the latest version from your website but the problem isn't getting it to run. The problem was getting it to start when I start Windows. It seems the only way to do this is to install the software with administrator privliges. It works doing it this way. Thanks
  2. Well I tried what you suggested but that didn't work either. What I ended up doing was changing the account to administator and then reinstalling SuperAntispyware software. I confirmed that SAS would start up automatically when I rebooted. I then changed the account back to standard user and rebooted again. SAS started up automatically. I don't know if this is something to do with the registry but..hell it works. If anyone know how to do this without changing the account type to administrator..that information would be appreciated. As with most people I don't like using an account that has administrative privelages all the time.
  3. I installed SAS on Win 7 32-bit. It starts up automatically just fine if I log in as administrator but if I log in as a user it doesn't start up automatically. I have to go to programs and click on the program. After it asks for administrator password it starts up. I think it's a UAC issue but I don't know how to get around this?
  4. My computer was infected by an adware which hijacked my home page. It is call Myfreeze.com. I ran SuperAntiSpyware but it didn't detected it let alone remove it. Has anyone else had to deal with this site?
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