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  1. Thanx Laforge, but even if I clicked NO to auto-update, the program wouldn't open. Then I came across a forum where I found if you can't open SAS fron the icon, to open if from Programs. In Programs it said 'Alternative Start-up'. I clicked that and was told SAS needs Windows 2000 or later. So even though their web site states all Windows, that isn't the case.
  2. New to this forum and though I've searched for an answer to my problem, I didnt find one concerning my OS. I can't open Superantispyware no matter what I do, either version. Even renaming the exe file don't work. It downloads, installs but when I open it I'm asked if I want to check for updates. No matter which answer I choose, the program freezes my system. Sometimes it actually downloads the updates, then just sits there.Ctl+alt+dele tells me its not responding. Clicking on the taskbar icon yields nothing also. I had this program years ago and it started acting strange so I uninstalled it, now I want it back. If it helps any, I'm running Winme.
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