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  1. Thanks Lightning Slinger, it used to work fine. Maybe I will try that version but I have found another program that is very light. Indeed, the last version doesn`t work unfortunatly.
  2. I don`t use TF but the new Outpost firewall has similair features. I adjusted some settings and it works again on XP, first it disappeard after a second. Unfortunatly it still freezes Firefox for a while when I start SuperAntispyware on XP.
  3. I noticed the same problem. Reinstalling made it worse, so unfortunatly I had to unstall it again because I can`t update anymore now. I hope this can be fixed. Cleaning the registry didn`t help either. I had some problems with XP too but it works on that computer again. Thank You
  4. I installed a newer version ( and the problem got worse, my system froze comletely and updating was impossible. Norman Malware Cleaner also didn`t find any problems.
  5. I have the same problem, not shure about the memory usage but starting up is a problem. I have seen this on 2 pc`s, on one pc it improved when I adjusted the settings of Outpost firewall. But starting up is still slow on both pc`s. I takes much longer than usual since a few weeks. Superantispyware and Avast didn`t find a thing wich would explain the slow start.
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