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  1. thanks dave!!! happy new year (i know, a year later i'm replying)
  2. i had this tech 'fix' my laptop he toldme NOT to update Window Critical Updates & that SuperAntiSpyware was a 'bogus' software. (I am not following his advise.) i personally think he is wrong. I inquired bout this to my Nod32 antivirus guys and they agree that I must update critical Windows updates and they work w/ SuperAntispyware. why would this tech tell me to do this???
  3. why did this 'free diag.' of regcure show 100's of empty reg files that needed to be deleted/fixed and super anti spy doesn't? i have not purchased the regcure. i purchased the super anti spy instead. i have this in my 'programs running' lsass.exe and when i start up my pc i get 2 pop ups that say "error running dll' of gayiloba.dll & yoguvesi.dll
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