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  1. Hey, go into your C/WINDOWS/system32 folder and look if there is a file "desot.exe" and if it was recently added, delete it, restart your computer and try again, this seems to disable windows antivirus pro although there are still traces of it and you will need to run a scan after you delete the file "desot.exe"
  2. Hi, i've been having this exact problem lately also, and i might be able to help you out. Is this the virus that when you turn your computer on a bunch of command processes start running as you can see them start to stack up on your page in a black box with blue header? This is the one that also nukes .exe so you cant run them and says there is an error every time you try to? well this is what i did, i wen tto C/WINDOWS/system32 and found a file named "desot.exe" this file is poisionous and after i deleted it and restarted the computer i could run my malware removing programs i.e. superantispyware or malware antibytes to clean up the problem
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