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  1. SAS Pro right click not working and I tried the RUNSAS.EXE and nothing. When I try to run advanced uninstaller or another program the IE8 wont respond. And when that happens SAS dissappears from teh icon tray. I had IE7 but thought that was the problem, then upgraded to IE8. On some items I can right click and copy/paste, some I cant. I ran Super Ad-Blocker,Norton, malware but nothing showed up. I update every day cause I like to keep things up to date. The only thing that will run is Super Ad-Blocker. Note: VISTA and these programs will not run inthe Admin mode. My Advanced uninstalled, malware & Super Ad-blocker will only run in the rregular mode & not Administration Mode, it freezes up. Now the SAS site says sometimes something can stop SAS from running but noting picked it up,,,,,,,,,,,,,SO,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Do I uninstall SAS-PRO and reinstall the PRO or what. WILL it re-install? Thanks, Jim P.S. I have has SABlocker for a long time and have had SAS & Malware for about a yr. P.S.S. I can right click, copy/paste in a e-mail but I can not copy/paste this post.
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