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  1. I will do, I've restored them and am running a scan to see if they get flagged again now.
  2. Forgot the links to the ones listed as Trojans: Program Files\Epox\EPTP\hwmdr.sys Windows\system32\drivers\hwmdr.sys
  3. Someone advised me to send the files to VirusTotal.com to make sure, most of them didn't find anything wrong, but "Sunbelt" flagged the two hwmdr.sys files as Trojan, although nothing else did.
  4. Hi, I'm sorry if this is the wrong place for this, the only other forum which seemed like it might be I don't have access to. Anyway, I just finished a SAS scan, my last one being about 6 days ago, and it turned up "Rootkit.Agent/Gen-Rx", there are 5 items flagged they are: Program files\Epox\eptp\epcpuid64.sys, Program files\Epox\eptp\getbinfile64.sys, Program files\Epox\eptp\hwmdr.sys, Program files\Epox\eptp\scanmemory64.sys and Windows\system32\driver\hwmdr.sys . I've quarantined them and all, and I'm running a second scan now, I'm just look for some advise, I haven't visited any insecure websites that I know of, nor installed anything in since my SAS scan, I run avast scans daily and they haven't detected anything, should I do anything else? Could this be a false positive?
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