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  1. I have looked through all the options, but apparently there's no option to disable those "definitions have been updated" pop-up messages. As I do not need to be notified of definition updates, I really would like to be able to disable those messages completely. The only times SAS5 should pop up anything, is either when there was an error updating or when an update requires a reboot. Could such an option be included in the next release?
  2. Why did I not receive any answer? Shame on you, SAS! You have released version 5 now which still has the same problems - many things left untranslated! -- Edit: also, the layout is messed up in some screens because the translated text takes up more space than the original English text. SAS Does not account for this.
  3. I almost said "read the manual", but luckily I decided to first read it myself. Only to see they included a non-updated help file which was about v4 of SAS and not about v5. The in-program help function links you to the SAS website, where a search in the knowledgebase results in nothing. Nice to have a function of which it unclear what is does... -- Edit: thanks to Google, I found a description on CNET.com: Not something exotic as you would have expected
  4. Just upgraded to v5 today and it's a shame to see that translations still aren't implemented well enough. First of all, during setup I picked Dutch as language. After installing, the program was fully in English. Had to go to the setup in the program itself to actually switch to Dutch. Having done that, I find large parts still in English. The update screens are almost completely in English. Other parts too, the 'homepage' of SAS still contains several English words and buttons. Is this a matter of not having any translations at all for those parts, or of actually having them but not implementing them (correctly)?
  5. I have a lifetime double user license for SAS. On my father's computer I have configured SAS to be in Dutch instead of English (easier for my father should something pop up). However, when there's a program update SAS asks if you want to install it. These update screens are not in Dutch, they're in English and as such not as well understood by my father as they would have been in Dutch. Seems like someone forgot to take translation settings into account in the update windows. I assume in a future update this will be fixed?
  6. As Windows 7 has gone RTM (Release To Manufacturing), it's best to talk about build 7600 only. By going RTM all previous builds of Windows 7 have become irrelevant in any testing procedures, as only the RTM will be the one that's going to be available in retail
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