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  1. Hi, We got this warning today when SAS ran. Thing is, it can't remove it?
  2. Hi, Did a usual daily scan, works fine. The only issue I find is that it reports cookies as 'threats' - which of course they are not?
  3. Hi, We have been using the Pro Version of SASW for many years now; in the main a good tool. However, whilst we have kept the SW updated it appears not to recognise or deal with SNAP.DO? Our browser has been hijacked o start showing Snap.Do as the starting search point. I've tried following online instructions which said to go control panel > uninstall program, then right click on snap.do and uninstall, but although it's been removed from the list of programs that can be uninstalled, if I type something into the search bar at the top of the screen, it still still searches with snap.do? Any advice on how to totally get rid of this annoying thing?
  4. Famous last words...Not heard of the Trojan SkyNet then?...Virtually undetectable!
  5. Hi, We have found that there is a nasty trojan which is very distructive called 'SkyNet' See Post > http://www.spywarevoid.com/win32skynetq-trojan.html SuperAntiSpyware does not currently fix or able to delete it Also, when running the app and detects the trojan, the system crashes
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