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  1. I am one who has recently posted about the problems with SAS freezing the computer, taking extended periods to load or not loading at all, etc. I downloaded the Pre-Release Version. What a difference! It's like the SAS of old. I am very pleased that this has been made available. Thank you.
  2. I am running XP Pro with Service Pack 2. The laptop is 32 bit Vista. As I said earlier, no Threatfire. I will try another firewall to see if it is something with the PC Tools Firewalll that is specific to XP.
  3. I uninstalled SAS from my desktop which uses XP Pro. I also run Avira and the PC Tools my laptop. SAS works fine on the laptop. However, the laptop has Vista Home Premium and my laptop. Why would it work on Vista, but not XP?
  4. I have also uninstalled SAS Free Edition. I did not get a BSOD, but the system just frezes. Task Manager would not end the application, so I killed the process which was using 98% of CPU. I tried reinstalling the application with the same results. I tried it with disabling the Direct Disk Access and kernel scanning options. Same result. It worked great until about 3-4 weeks ago. I use Avira Personal AV and the PC Tools firewall. No Threatfire, so I think there may be another issue. I am not infected. I really like the product so I hope the SAS engineers can figure this out.
  5. I'm having problems getting SAS to open. When I open it it sits (using 100% CPU) for several seconds then opens, fails to open at all or opens briefly then disappears. When it does run it takes up 90-100% CPU. I ran a full scan with SAS in safe mode and it didn't find anything. I also ran Mallwarebytes and my AV (Avira Personal) in safe mode with nothing found. I didn't add or delete any software or hardware before the problem started. I did uninstall SAS and reinstalled using one of the installers recommended in the SAS website FAQs. The software worked fine after it was installed again, but the next time I started the computer the problems were back. I am running XP Pro SP2. I have Avira Personal AV and the PC Tools firewall. I am not sure if I have an infection or if I am having a software conflict or some other non-malware issue. Any help would be appreciated.
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