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  1. Hi, I have been using SAS (Free version) for almost a year now and had been updating the definitions regularly, but hadn't bothered updating to the newer version of the program until yesterday. The actual update to version 4.27.1002 went fine, but since doing this it won't let me check for definition updates! It freezes the program when I try, and I'm not able to terminate SAS after this happens - if I try to close SAS via the 'Close' button or Task Manager, I get the error message "Cannot be terminated as process is locked by the system" (even though my preferences were set to allow Task Manager to terminate SAS). I then have to actually shut down the PC to get rid of it. I'm still able to run a scan and download the definition updates manually from the website, but is there any known way to get rid of the problem? I tried re-installing the program from your site - the uninstallation and reinstallation went fine, but did not fix the problem. The scan has picked up nothing except the usual tracking cookies so I assume it's not malware causing the problem. It would be great if you could find out what the problem is - or will I be stuck with downloading updates manually from your site? I'm really keen to get it fixed because SAS has proved to be really excellent so far - last September I downloaded it to try to get rid of the WSNpoem virus which nothing else could remove (indeed neither McAfee nor Windows Defender could even detect it) and within one scan, SAS nuked it, and I (thankfully) have had a clean bill of health since then. Edit: I should point out that I use Windows XP Home Edition Thanks
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