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  1. ok i tryed for several hours to re create the scan that identified s.a.b. as the sorce of the vundo. but i cant. also i havent seen anything but the dll variant since and no vundo trogens.it may have been the trogen and not the dll that produced the dig sig.but it was definatly the windows search(with the little dog)that found the files and identifieid them.yes i could have made a mistake but i was so angry i could have smashed somthing and i tryed realy hard to be polite(i didn't do too well but i tryed)and most of the adds that got to pop up were anti add ware.(never got read immedeatly deleted)i'll try to find the log file and post it.
  2. ok what i did was look at the vundo notice that pops up from super anti spyware.then i followed the program path if i remember right it was c/windows/system 32/(variant letters change often)dll. then i go through propertys and super add blocker was identified as the dig signiture.also when i find vundo and all its componants with windows serch in addition to the parts in quarenteen there are files associated with "super"that have vundo inbeded in their file (word or referance)weather or not it is part of the serch portion isn't clear to me.also when i try to remove vundo with "super"my computer compleatly locks up. should i remove and reinstall super anti spy pro? would that fix the bogus file association?would "super"run smooth again?what do you think?
  3. windows serch has identified vundo as coming from and being digitaly sighned by super add blocker.it seems to allow all sorts of adware through around my firewall and keeps turning off my auto updater for my operating system.this problem didn't materialize untill i purchassed super pro antispyware.ill be needing you to remove that malware from my system and stop holding my computer ransome to force me to buy super add blocker.i liked your anti spyware and have used it for years.did you have a management change or somthing?did you add or obsorb another company?are you infected with vundo unintentionaly?is someone out there saying they are you?is this somthing a sales office could have done?the dig.sig is yours and the date is right so it came in with the upgrade.so if your not the auther of this ill need your help getting rid of this common shared problem. feel free to email me.
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