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    No nothing found. But one of the things I think I changed on Chrome was to delete cookies when I closed browser.
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    Recently had an update to superantispyware, and also recently had made some changes to Chrome brower. Just change a few privacy settings. Dont think any of these caused a problem but wanted to mention. Anyway have been using superantispyware for years. Always seemed to work and never any problems. But now it never finds any problems to delete. I go to the same sites each day I have for years. And every day used to do a scan and it would always find something to delete. But now nothing. I also tried to reinstall the program and same result. Could the update have made the program useless? Thanks for any suggestions.
  3. Free one used to work fine for me and load in about 5 seconds, now it can take up to a minute will the paid version solve this problem thanks
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