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  1. SAS Pro seems to lose its registration info on my laptop every now & then.I have to start it up in Admin mode and re-enter my serial number and re-activate, which always works but at some point it will randomly say that "Evaluation period has expired". After re-activation "Enable Real-time Protection" is unchecked and has to be rechecked to enable it. I'm using Win7 SP1 x64 on a Dell Studio XPS1640 but have had this problem from before SP1.
  2. I have just finished re-installing SUPERAntiSpyware Pro v5.0.1136 as, yet again, when my PC started it said that the evaluation period had expired. This is getting to be a real pain! I have gone into my admin account, re-entered the registration info, all seems OK but a few days later back comes the expiry notice. For info. I re-installed using my admin acct and the registration has been accepted, for now. If this comes up again in 30 days, I will have to assume that the programme has a serious flaw that R&D cannot, or will not, correct. How many other users have had this problem?
  3. Hi, I'm having exactly the same problems with Vista Ultimate 32bit. It always comes back to say it needs Administrator access, but still says exactly the same when I use my Admin account access. There must be a way around this!
  4. Why is updating such a pain? On my machine, I am informed a new version is available, I then click download and install and am informed that an Administrator account is required. Fair enough, I am using a user account. I then try using my Administrator account, same messages yet again, the Administrator account does not seem to be recognised as such. I then go to the web site, download the new version and run it. It then wants to remove the old version and after being allowed to do so it then requests the registrations details, which I have to go away and find. Can someone make updating easier! Surely it should not require the old version to be totally deleted, losing all the registration details, to just update.
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