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  1. Well since I've already removed it I cannot send a sample but I can show you what kind of warning I got which made me believe I had something wrong on my computer. This I later found out to be a keylogger. http://img21.imageshack.us/img21/6871/infektor.png <- This is the warning or something I got, it's polish. Don't mind the background, I searched for the picture cause I didn't print screen while I had it. The warning was in polish at me aswell.
  2. I had a keylogger going by the name of "Wince3.exe", I scanned with multiple antispyware applications and not one of them found it. I used HIJackthis to analyse my computer and it did found it and thus removed it. I just want you to know this in case of more keyloggers that are not yet to be found with this software. Michael,
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