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  1. I'm running Windows 98 SE. After I run SAS there is a file created: Windows/Win386.swp. The real swap file is in c:, not Windows directory. When Avast scans it finds this file has malware. Usually it's a trojan. Today Avast named the file DC390.Swp but my directory listing said Win386.swp. Avast said this file is infected with Win32:AutoRun-AKO[wm]. I looked at my Windows directory before I did the SAS scan and immediately after the scan, and the file was not there before but it was there after. This has happened about 4 times now and the name of the malware is always different. Last time it was Win32:Dialer-DW[trj].
  2. I cannot start up the program. It does nothing. Then when do ctl-alt-del it says it is Not Responding.
  3. Thank-you. I did the manual download of definitions. But now when I try to run the program. It asks if I want to update and I click 'NO' and then the program stops responding.
  4. I'm using Windows 98 SE. I donwloaded and installed SuperAntiSpyware Free version today and when it tries to update the definitions, it puts this message on the screen and then stops: SUPERAntiSpyware is retrieving the latest spyware definitions from our server, please wait. When I do ctl-alt-del it says SuperAntiSpyware is Not Responding. I also run Avast which I disabled protection and SpywareBlaster.
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