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  1. Just an update for anyone interested. I copied the program to a USB stick and installed it on the 'broken' computer. Ran the fix internet connection and it is now able to connect to the internet. Thanks for the help. I heard such great things about this program and was so disappointed when it messed up my new computer. Now that everything seems to be working correctly do I dare run the program to check for spyware?? Needless to say, I'm afraid of it now!
  2. So if I get it installed again can I then repair the internet connection with that new install? Sorry for the questions but I have a fairly new computer that now has no internet access. I had no idea this program would mes sup my computer or I would never have installed it.
  3. Just thought of something...I can't even get on the internet to reinstall it. How else can this be repaired???
  4. As I said I uninstalled it....Can I reinstall it and THEN repair it??? Thanks so much for trying to help me.
  5. I am brand new here and have a problem. I just installed and ran SuperAntiSpyware Free Edition. Found several issues and I let it fix or quarantine them. I closed it out and trie dto log onto the internet but could not. I use Netscape and Firefox. I cannot get on with either of those. I did an uninstall of it through Add?remove programs, rebooted and still cannot connect to the internet. I then did a system restore and rebooted, still cannot connect. The other computers in the house are able to connect to the internet( wireless router) What have I done? Of course I am in a panic here cause I don't have any idea what may have gone wrong, much less how to fix it. I am using Windows Xp. Can anyone help me at all. Thanks Jenni
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