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  1. Okay. I appreciate the explanation. This is all little new to me. And I understand why they may want to white list ones used by the government. But the government is now filled with corruption and cannot be trusted. There is only one reason to con the American people into giving them the power to invade people's privacy any time, anywhere, for any reason, with absolutely no oversight or accountability. And it has absolutely nothing to do with child pornography or terrorism. I think that people's email and internet connection ought to be like the US mail. It is a Federal Offense to tamper with someone's mail. And I think there should be a mandatory prison sentence for any government official intentionally abusing FISA or any other spying powers. As far as I am concerned what has been going on with the illegal spying is a type of treason. It is anti-American at best. But most people want to come home after work and watch "Wheel of Fortune" or whatever and are just to busy to notice. I looked up Eblaster and they said you could do a remote install. So unless I am missing something, I could purchase Eblaster (a commercial keyloogger that has some legitimate uses), and send an email to someone, or however it's done, and install it on their computer. But anyway, Prevx says that they try to catch everything, including commercial keyloggers.. And I guess Zemana and Keyscrambler Premium are suppose to be top notch. I don't know how to use a HIPS program, but that's on my immediate list of things to learn. Thanks for the info. I realize that Superantispyware is a good program. And I will probably buy the paid version. But I do not like it that they, or anyone else would whitelist ANY keylogger. No matter who it is from. If a law enforcement officer has a legitimate reason, or probable cause to suspect wrong doing, then let him go and get a legitimate warrant and go get the computer. If he is not up to anything illegal or un-American, then he shouldn't mind, right?
  2. Okay. I know I was being a little harsh with that post. But I have just recently found that several antivirus/antispyware products intentionally ignore malware. Just because some people use it for legitimate purposes does not make it any less malicious when it is installed on a private citizen's computer. It's like hiding a video camera in someone's bedroom. It's sick and people have a right to protect themselves from those who have no conscious and who have no respect for an individual's privacy. And it is reasonable to expect that an antivirus or antispyware product will protect you against all known malware. And if it doesn't, there should be a clear disclaimer that lets people know, UP FRONT, that if someone puts a commercial keylogger on their computer, they are not protected. I use your product. I think it is excellent other than that it intentionally ignores commercial keyloggers. I just looked up eblaster. Will it detect eblaster? Spector Pro?
  3. I think it is ludicrous and irresponsible to exclude commercial keyloggers. Commercial keyloggers are abused as much or more than the rest. Probably more often. If someone puts a commercial keylogger on my computer, it is malware....nothing more, nothing less. It is an invasion of privacy at best, and could be used to gain access to some very sensitive financial data. People use them all of the time for malicious purposes. So what if they have legitimate uses? What does that have to do with anything? Businesses are expected to have them. So? There is no reason to hide it. Why hide it? How many people that work in call centers or wherever are even able to scan or add or remove anything? Everyone knows they are being monitored. It's no secret. Companies come right out and warn their employees, UP FRONT! It makes me wonder if antivirus, antispyware companies get some cash for excluding commercial keyloggers so that they can also be used for malicious purposes.
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