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  1. Thx Seth. What did work was setting everything up and then closing out normally and then closing out of system tray. Thx for that last tip.
  2. Some help guys would be nice, plz.
  3. I am too but with sas real time protection turned off.
  4. I am currently using Win 7 and the latest version of SAS. When I set up a scheduled scan to run at a certain date and time, SAS doesn't retain the setting after reboot nullifying my scheduled scan. What can I do to fix this? Will this be taking care of in the next release of SAS? thx
  5. Paul, that is exactly what I did and all is well now. thx
  6. Still doing it after trying all your solutions. Thx for trying to help. I appreciate it. Any thing else we can try? thx
  7. I have the most up-to-date version of superantispyware pro 2009 4.28.1010. Every time I bootup my PC i get the following pop up message "would you like to see a description of the updates that have been installed" . I check off don't show again and it still appears every time. How can I prevent this from popping up as it is annoying. thx
  8. Ok, I will. I just that it would de-activate my current version. thx
  9. I have 4.27.1000. so no I don't. How can I shut the msg off though? thx
  10. Hi, I use your product and I love it mostly. The one thing I am sick of though is the nag add of "there is an update available for download. If you would like to download the update now, please click the download install link now" that pops up over the system tray. How can I prevent this popup from occuring. PLease let me know. thx
  11. That did it. thanks a bunch.
  12. Hi, When I set up SAS pro to do a full system scan at say Wed at 1:00 PM it does not scan my system when the scheduled time occurs. I have SAS displaying in my system tray at PC start up at all times. When I click on scheduled scanning, I check off "scan my computer according to the following schedule" I select "complete system scan", Under scan options, I check off "automatically quarantine and remove infected files" and "check for definition updates before scanning". Under scan frequency, I select Wednesday. Under scan time, I enter 1:00 PM and then hit close option, and close option again. Can someone tell me why this is not working and what I have to do to fix this. I appreciate the help and time. thx
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