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  1. Hmm - I did not come on the forum, in my ignorance, since I was running SAS on Vista 32bit, I just went ahead and installed it under Win 7 RC 64 bit and encountered no problems with the install. I actually have it on three machines. This was version 4.26.1004. The first problem I encountered was when I was notified of a new version and clicked on the link. I then got an error message stating that I had to have administrator privileges, which was funny as I had only one account set up and it was with administrator privileges. I just downloaded the full package, saved it on my NAS, uninstalled my current package (1004) and then installed 4.26.1006. I have the same problem with 4.27.1000. I will use the same workaround and see how it goes in the morning.
  2. As a user of Windows 7 RC, there is a small incompatibility with SAS, at least through 4.26.1006 in which it will not update from the website. It keeps giving the error message that the update must be done from an account with administrator privileges. It is an administrator account and the install only has one user account. I had the same problem with updating to ver 4.26.1006. I got around it by manually downloading and installing the entire package. I realize that it is just an RC, but it needs to be corrected before Oct. 22.
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