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  1. Opened a ticket and followed instructions. Managed to complete a scan today Watch this space Not sure whether this is part of the problem but, having completed a scan, removing problems (just cookies) and re-booting as suggested, SAS started an update. No problem with that but quite often and update will start and never end! It just gets stuck forever on the core definitions The only solution is Ctrl+Alt+Del & Task Manager - Stop SAS Update
  2. SAS Pro always diplays an error when I try to scan my PC. It's been like this for months and I've not suucessfully completed a scan. This is the sort of error I get: I've followed all instructions to change scanning options, I've uninstalled and re-installed, but getting nowhere! Would appreciate any assistance to sort this out. Cheers John
  3. Okay, latest update. I did as suggested above and downloaded the uninstall utility. I then downloaded the latest version of SASPro and installed it, I didn't make any changes to the default settings. For a few days, SASPro worked just fine but now, every morning (following a scheduled Full Scan) I get the same problem: If you'd like me to once again send me logs, do let me know. Cheers John
  4. Hi guys For several months my SASPro which is configured to do a complete scan everyday in the early hours, crashes. This is what I see: The only thing I can do is a Ctrl+Alt+Del, start Task Manager (Windows 7) and End Task. I'm informed SASPro is not responding and it eventually closes. I can start a Quick Scan and it finishes successfully, I clear any threats found but I'm ALWAYS prompted to re-boot! I haven't been able to complete a scheduled full scan for months. When possible, I always submit a report. I've raised this problem on a support ticket in the past and after submitting numerous diagnostic files and following various instructions to alter some of the scan options, the problem has not been resolved. I'd like to completely remove SAPro and wonder if a fresh installation would then work. What do you guys think? Will I be able to use my existing licence? Any other tips? Cheers john
  5. I've tried both suggestions above but without success! Would you suggest uninstalling and then re-installing? If so, where can I find my serial/licence number? Thanks for your help. John
  6. Thanks for the reply. I've tried your first suggestion which didn't work. I'm now trying the 2nd and will let you know. Cheers
  7. My computer is scheduled to scan each morning at 2am. For the last few days, each morning I'm greeted with the message: SUPERAntispyware Application has stopped working A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. I don't know what the problem is or how to resolve it. Any tips would be appreciated. John
  8. So is there a resolution to this? I have the same issue! Regards John
  9. Thanks for the replies guys. I've tried the various suggestions and although the situation has improved somewhat - my PC is usable without it granding to a halt, the redirecting of IE8 still occurs! Usually another IE8 windows opens. Cheers John
  10. UPDATE MBAM discovered several bogus files and deleted them however, the problem with my explorer being hijacked continues it also affects Firefox too. Same as before, when I do a Google or Bing search and then click on one of the links returned, the url changes several times and I might end up on a casino site! Someone advised that I should run a utility called TDS Killer. I did this and here's an image of the discovery. Note the red arrows suggesting a memory infection but not cured. Cheers John
  11. Thanks for the reply Mark. I visited & downloaded MBAM and will try it. BUT, I bought SAS & Kaspersky to stop these sort of things happening & I'm gonna be a bit grumpy if I have to fork out more money to get rid of something that SAS & KIS 2010 should have dealt with. Cheers John
  12. Hi guys Something peculiar is happening! When I do a search with Google and then click on one of the results, Explorer is being re-directed to other sites! I have the latest version of SAS Pro installed with latest updates and some trojans have been detected, cleaned and then following a re-boot I get the same problems! I'm using XPPro. Anyone here have any suggestions to get rid of this annoying problem? Thanks John
  13. Hi guys I've been very impressed with SAS, so much so I'm registered on the affiliate program. I often get calls from people whose PC are infected in one way or another. I automatically purchase a SAS licence for them and install it on their PCs - at worst, it'll be the trial version. Had a phone call the other day from an elderly relative who live 200 miles away. She was experiencing pop-ups galore. Each pop-up window displayed CiD:http:// at the top left hand corner of the pop-up. So I tell her about the software, SAS, which removes ALL the spyware NOT just the easy ones. I install the software, update and purchase a licence but alas, following a scan, the problems persist! So her question to me was; "You told me this SAS software removes ALL the spyware NOT just the easy ones. Is there something wrong with my copy?" Okay, so this CiD hijack might not be spyware but my question is; "Why can't SAS remove it"? I might be able to manually remove this hijack via remote control (LogMeIn) but, I don't fancy travelling 200 miles to reboot her PC into safe mode if that's required John
  14. Hi guys A firend of mine is experiencing popups on her pc. The main problem is that she's some 200 miles away from me and not particularly experienced!! I've downloaded and installed (by remote control) SuperAntiSpyware pro (and purchased a licence ), did a scan, cleared 144 adware/cookies, restarted the pc but still the popups persist. Quite disappointing really, especially as I told her this software would clear ALL such issues, even the hard ones I noticed the address bar of the popup started with CiD:http:// seems her browser has been hijacked? She's using Windows xp pro and internet explorer 8 Any advice John
  15. "Are they all in HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\ZoneMap\EscDomains?" It appears they are! And I don't visit porn sites either John
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