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  1. Ok checked all the data ...none of the data show G: drive all are c://documents. Now what do i do ? Pls advice
  2. Initially i did a run ...after the run is complete - the message prompts as now its preparing to install and thats when i get this error message. So then i tried to save it in different drive and run but still got the same error msg....
  3. Hello... I use "Kaspersky Antivirus 2009" on my windows XP laptop. Lately have these pop ads & web pages which opens up automatically when i log into any of the sites..... looks like my laptop is been infected by some spyware as the system has also become very slow ......i tried to delete all temp file/cookies / also have done the full scan using the antivirus i have. But all is of no use as nothing is detected. So tried to download the free Superantispyware but got the following error message - it was the same error message when i tried to download "windows defender" too - Error Message : " Error 1327 - Invalid Drive G:\".....though i tried saving it under drive E / C ...I still get this. Please advice what i need to do....
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