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  1. Hi; Thanks for the reply and assurance. As mentioned I trust SASpy and been a user for ore than 3 years now. I've encountered the issue of the core/trace definitions updates before but was not corrected back then I had to let it go and just went on even when it did showed it was a little behind. And still, SASpy was there to provide an augmentation to my layer-security. Just wanted to dig deeper this time I noticed it happened again. Thanks and more power!
  2. Hi; Just want to add an update on this issue of the core/trace definitions not downloading right AND theplanet.com updates9.superantispyware.com(both are intertwined). Have tried to exclude IP address but did not do it for me..still wrong combination of trace/core with the core always behind. As you are using random servers excluding a specific IP address is impossible in OP and for any firewall for that matter. Tried to exclude updates9.superantispyware.com so OP will exclude all that uses it but still got a hit-and-miss on the core definitions. Even using the updated MVPS hosts file was not a fix. I contacted the source for the IP Blocklist and helped me with it. I am now using the new version of the IP Blocklist. And has been able to update on the correct core/trace definitions. Had some "incorrect core definitions" instances but when I repeated the update it was corrected always on the second try. Great! ThePlanet.com has been known to host malicious sites and I can help but wonder and HOPE that it is a "fact" for concern since SASpy is in the first place on the forefront of fighting malware/spyware. http://blog.stopbadware.org/tag/theplanet http://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/theplanet.com I use an IP Blocklist and the MVPS host file to have added security online. If ThePlanet.com is delisted in the blocklist then I am at risk if for some instance my AV or other security app fail on me....right? I trust SASpy and has been an avid user of it. I do also trust my IP Blocklist provider and my firewall. Have tried quite a few firewalls in the past and I have learned to trust both which uses my IP Blocklist provider. Kept me safe always. (tested with ShieldsUP/Hackerwhacker/HackerWatch/Symantec SecurityScan) I hope the cause for my concern will be minimal as not to be insecure.... Some comments on this would be assuring. Thanks very much!
  3. Hi; Have replied in my other post because the issues concerning the incorrect-core update and the other thread is connected. Please do check it out. Re: heplanet.com and updates9.superantispyware.com question Thank you!
  4. Hi; I already did that yesterday(uinstall tool/CCleaner/re-install) and it updated to Core 5180 via the installer. Today after I updated SASpy free it's the same problem again. I updated and only the Trace updated to 2993 from 2992. What is wrong? I do not think that to be updated in the Core definitions I'll have to download the installer again and/the manual updates installer which by the way I did yesteday that's why I updated to Core 5175 from 5170. What can we do further? Why does it update only in the Trace definitions and not the Core? I recall this has been an issue before and was not solved either. But this is a different pc now. What can we do further? Why does it update only in the Trace definitions and not the Core? Thank you. voltron PS: There is still also no reply to the CS inquiry I placed via the website.
  5. Hi; WinXP SP3 32bit. Now it's 5170/2987 (just finished updating) But when I check it's 5175/2987! Have some trouble posting the image...theres no "Attach File" button...can't see it... Thanks!
  6. Hi; I was reviewing my Attack Detection results from Outpost Firewall Pro and I saw an IP address when checked via www.domaintools.com and http://www.ip-adress.com yielded updates9.superantispyware.com. I googled ThePlanet.com Internet Services Inc. it to was also blocked by Outpost. I checked the IP Blocklist and it's inlcuded( Now I trust Outpost Firewall(TruStealth_ShieldsUP) and the COU Blocklist it has kept me safe together with my security software combi for a long time now. I haven't had any problems updating SASpy free. I just like to hear your comments on this. Thank you.
  7. Hi; It's been a while for me here but I just want to ask about the Core/Trace Definitions. I do updates manually on my old pc and as I checked the web page for the Database Definition Information my update did not match what was in the page. It showed Core: 5143 instead of the Core: 5170. The Trace: 2982 matched. I updated again and got the same results. Please see image. Why is this so?
  8. Hey ! Wow, your really doing the rounds! Yes, thank you for the tip. I'm not really a techy that's why I ask questions about some stuff that may seem a bit elementary to others. But I'm sure am glad your here. I also posted a similar topic at our forum ( I bet you already know and checked it out). Okay, I will send them the sample via the application. Can you reply me in the other forum? I would like to send them a sample too. Thanks a lot(glad your here!) . voltron
  9. Hi; I am having difficulty with the attachments. Here is an image file of the scan of jotti and filterbit. I'll try to attach virustotal also. Thanks. voltron
  10. Hi; I recently tried an additional security software "Prevx" to augment my system. I was surprised to know that I have a malware detected which is "ssm.exe" in my Local Settings/Temp. To check if the file is a malware or has detections other than Prevx I uploaded it to VirusTotal / Jotti.org and Filterbit. All three had detections on the file "ssm.exe". It was classified as a trojan or trojan dropper. Malwarebytes, Superantispyware and Avira had no detections for this files. I am submitting to you this rar file (password: "infected") for testing of malware. I am also attaching the pdf file of the results of the independent scans for your perusal. Can I email you a copy of the file for you to test it? How can I email you the file? Avira instructs me to zip it and password protect it before I send it to them. In the meantime, I have placed the file under the "Blocked Files tab" of Comodo Firewall for security. Please tel me what to do on this file . Regards, voltron
  11. Hi; This is not unusual because this happened to me before when I was using SASpy Pro last year. Tech support suggested to uninstall and re-install the product. Then to update and download the newest product version. I did all of that until I had enough and uninstalled it completely. Last night I unistalled it and re-installed SASpy free 4.26.1004. It updated with core: 3950 trace: 1892. Now I am surprised to see that it went back to 3910 / 1854!!!!! I updated it again through the "Check for updates" and SASpy did it's thing only to let me see that it was still 3910 / 1854!!!!!. I updated it again and even the notice of update was displaying 3910 / 1854!!!!!. What's happening to your program? I already uninstalled it 2x and re-installed it again 2x and still the problem is there. I wanna use your product again but how can I be assured I am having the updated definitions if this is not going right? Help... voltron
  12. Hi; I have updating issues with SASpy Free ver 4.26.1004. I update regularly but the core and trace definitions to do not change. It still is 3935 and 1878! When I manually download of the definitions I get the core/tandem 3941. Now I updated again to check and see if the core and trace definitions will change but it does not. Only the date changes during online updating. Your definition update via your home page is now "core: 3949 and trace: 1891". I just updated and again only the date changed NOT the core/trace definitions. Help please.. voltron
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