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  1. Your forum has been compromised by a local hacker who either shoulder surfed my password or has a Spanish speaking relative working at Comcast.net Warsaw In. He goes by Enrico and would be in my IP range and has been using my Comcast.net account until I changed my password there minutes ago I cant download updates from you without interfearence and am telling you a copy my be in a crackers hands. I even am viewing this page with a browser set up I have never seen before. As you do not have a PM system I can find please use my e mail for contact. The hacker or his consort lives at 741 S warbler Lane Warsaw, Indiana USA I sent a complaint to the FBI via a web page that may have been phony would you please contact the proper authorities from your end as I have called the local sheriff twice and they sent a hispanic officer the first time and did nothing the second. I am tjet at majorgeeks and besttechie and used to mod at 5starsupport.com tj
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