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  1. Yea I tried that utility last night, it didn't do anything for the problem. If I don't figure this out by tonight I will probably just reformat. It's a pain in the rear to do it but its a sure fix and much less frustrating than "grabbing at straws" trying to figure this problem out.
  2. That's what's happening right now? Can you explain a little more about that? Yes it's not an error window I have ever seen before. I took screen caps of each message and posted the .jpeg image with a brief description of when it happens. When I click the SAS.exe (again tried both versions), [attachment=2]wizard.JPG[/attachment] is the first image I see. It acts like it's trying to install a program the same as it always has in the past. Then I get [attachment=1]Installer2.00.2600.0.JPG[/attachment] using the Windows Installer version that comes with Windows XP Pro. I do not have any service packs installed, nor have I ever updated anything relating to XP on this computer. I assumed the error meant I needed a newer version of Windows Installer so I went to Microsoft's site and got the updated Windows Installer 3.01.4000.1823 V2. After installing the new version of Windows Installer I try to again run the SAS.exe (both version) and get [attachment=2]wizard.JPG[/attachment] again as I should. But after the progress bar completes I get [attachment=0]Installer3.01.4000.1823.JPG[/attachment]. It's like this version of installer has individual commands needed to run a simple .exe rather than using a wizard even though the Install Wizard box does pop up as it always has for every other program.
  3. I am running an XP Pro machine base install, I have no SP updates. When I try to install SAS (have tried regular .exe and the alternate version) I get a Windows Installer window that pops up and says "Incorrect command line parameters". I'm assuming this means I have an outdated version of Windows Installer so I downloaded the version 3.1 v2 and after I install it, when I then try to install SAS (tried both .exe versions) I get another Windows Installer window that pops up and shows me a list of prompts. The SAS still won't install. Do I need to update to SP2 and try it then? I am close to reformatting and ending this nightmare but figured I would ask to see if anyone has a clue how to address my problem.
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