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  1. Sorry, I don't know what happened with previous reply! Many thanks Blues for your reply. I have enabled real time protection and so far,so good. I would also like to thank Seth for affirming that there should be no problem. Thanks guys. Blackjack Davey
  2. [font =TimesMany thanks Blues for your reply and based on it I'll certainly "give it a go". I installed MSE just after it came out but owing to the Malwarebytes problem,decided to uninstall and install Avast5 but I wasn't too happy with this combo,so reinstalled MSE and added SAS. As I've already said,these programs along with Windows Firewall certainly run well with no problems. Once again,many thanks and also,thanks for your endorsement Seth. Blackjack Davey New Roman][/font]
  3. Hi Guys, I have searched the forum for possible answers to my question and though I have seen posts on conflicts with other anti-malware/av programs,cannot find any regarding MSE. Is it possible to run SAS Pro and MSE together without fear of possible conflict? At present I am running both but with SAS real time protection disabled. I know MSE Forum Moderators are quite specific on this subject when they say you cannot run another av/anti-malware program with it's real time protection enabled,even if you add exclusions. I am also running Malwarebytes (paid version),real time protection disabled because when I first installed MSE there did seem to be some sort of conflict going on. As things stand,these programs are running well together but I would like to enable protection in SAS but fear that if I do,things might not be so harmonius! I look forward to any ideas/advice anyone may have. Blackjack Davey
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